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"Should I go to the doctor if I fainted?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I go to the doctor if I fainted?


I was at work the other day and all of the sudden felt very light headed and ended up fainting. I'm a 27 year old female with no medical issues. I've felt fine since it happened, but should I see a doctor if I fainted? Is it normal to faint from time to time?


It sounds like you had a typical episode of fainting. This usually occurs when blood starts to pool in the veins of the legs, temporarily interrupting circulation of the blood to the head, and resulting in fainting or dizziness. This is called a vasovagal reaction, and it commonly occurs in response to standing for long periods of time, being stressed, extreme heat, dehydration, and fatigue. The most important way to prevent vasovagal reactions in the future is to make sure you stay well hydrated and that you don't stand in one place for a long period of time. If you start to feel faint, sit or lay down until the feeling passes. One point of consideration would be that, if you have never fainted before, there is some association between the onset of fainting episodes and pregnancy, so if there is any chance of that you may want to perform a pregnancy test. Please discuss this episode with your primary care doctor. It is important to make sure this is not a more serious form of fainting, for example related to a heart problem.

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