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"Is bloating the same thing as indigestion?"

ZocdocAnswersIs bloating the same thing as indigestion?


Sometimes when I eat I feel extremely bloated afterward. Is this the same thing as indigestion or is something wrong with my stomach. It can be very painful and I'd like to do something about this.


If these symptoms have been going on for a while without resolution, you should go see your primary care doctor, as any case of unresolved abdominal pain needs to be investigated. Indigestion is a fairly imprecise term. Many people use it to describe the sensation of heartburn that they get following eating spicy or greasy foods. Others will use it to describe feeling bloated after a meal, and others use it to refer to actual pain. It sounds like the primary symptom you have is bloating and pain, but not heartburn per se. One common cause of these symptoms is an inflammation of the stomach lining, called gastritis, or a stomach ulcer. Your doctor will be able to evaluate you to see if you have any evidence of this problem and, if so, prescribe some anti acid medications to help. In the meantime you may want to avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine, all of which are quite irritating to the stomach. Another common problem that can cause bloating is gallstones. Typically the bloating and pain is worse with fatty meals and it may be accompanied by diarrhea or foul smelling stools. Start by seeing your primary care doctor today for more advice!

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