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"Is there any way to get my child to stop wetting the bed?"


My little girl is almost 10 years old and still has trouble with wetting the bed. At first I thought she would grow out of it but I'm starting to worry about her. Is there a medical condition or physical cause for her bed-wetting?


I am sorry to hear that you are having this difficulty, and I recommend that you go see your child's pediatrician for advice on how to manage the bed wetting. Bed wetting is very common, even in children this age. In fact, up to 5% of children who are 10 years old still wet the bed.

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Although most cases of bed wetting are not the result of any serious medical condition, sometimes it is important to rule out certain medical conditions. This is especially the case of the bed wetting is new or worsening. If on the other hand it has been persistent throughout childhood then a medical workup is not likely needed. In children this age, your pediatrician might want to rule out constipation, diabetes, and urinary tract infections. The primary treatment for bed wetting is behavioral, and you pediatrician can give you a lot of advice on this. Basic measures include avoiding liquids before bedtime, scheduled awakenings during the night to urinate and, sometimes the use of bed wetting alarms. In more severe cases that are resistant to behavioral methods, there are also medications that can be effective as a last resort. Start by talking with your daughter's pediatrician!

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