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"What would make my eye swell up?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat would make my eye swell up?


My right eye has all of the sudden become puffy. It is slightly swollen below the eye and the eye lid and around my eyebrow. I can't figure out what's wrong. Is it an infection? It is starting to hurt pretty bad.


Eye swelling is a very common problem. Puffy eyes, as you call it, or swelling around the tissues surrounding the eyes, is most often caused by fluid around the eyes, also known as periorbital edema. There are several reasons for why you could be having this problem. often times, inflammation of infection of the eye or eyelid can cause pain and swelling around the eye. Allergic reactions can also cause similar symptoms. Additional causes for your symptoms include oversleeping, increased levels of salt in your diet, new drugs or cosmetics, insect bites or trauma. Depending on the cause, the eyelid swelling can have different time durations and can last for a short while if it is a mild reaction. While often puffy eyes are not of any medical significance and can be a temporary inconvenience, symptoms such as yours are concerning if your pain is severe and worsening. Typically painful swelling of the eyelid is suggestive of an infection and will require a thorough eye examination. You should make an appointment to discuss your symptoms with an eye doctor (ophthalmologist) undergo a physical examination, so that your condition maybe treated appropriately with antibiotics. Symptoms to discuss with your doctor include any fever, vision problems, loss of movements of the eye or any signs of throat closing.

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