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"Why do I produce so much ear wax?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I produce so much ear wax?


I have had to have ear wax flushed out of my ears twice already this year. What is causing my body to produce so much ear wax? Does it have to do with hearing loss?


Ear wax is produced by specialized wax glands that line the ear canal. The amount of wax produced by these glands is highly individualized and determined primarily by your personal genetic make up. Therefore, if you have been having trouble with your ears getting clogged with wax, all that this means is that you have a predisposition to make a lot of ear wax. Fortunately, this is not a serious medical problem and it does not have anything to do with permanent hearing loss (although if the ear canal becomes clogged with wax, it can become very difficult to hear well!). In order to prevent this problem, you will need to use ear wax softening drops. These are available in most pharmacies over the counter, or you can get your doctor to prescribe them for you. The trick with these drops is that they have to be used every single day to be effective. If you do not use them, you will continue to suffer from build ups of wax in the ears requiring a visit to your doctor to have your ears washed out. However, these visits can be prevented if you use the drops. I advise talking with your primary care doctor for more information!

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