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Why do I feel itchy all over?

Do I have dry skin? For the past two days I have felt itchy all over my body and I can't explain it. There is nothing on my skin as far as a rash or bumps or anything. What's going on?
Itching all over without any obvious rash is most likely from dry skin. This can sometimes be caused by excessive showering, which removes the skin's natural protecting oils, predisposing to dryness. Also, some people just are more likely to develop dry skin than others, regardless of their showering habits. You may want to start by using a good skin moisturizer over your entire body multiple times per day to see if that makes a difference. However, if after a week or so, you are still having excessive itching, of if a rash is beginning to develop, you should go see your primary care doctor for help figuring out what is going on. Eczema is a common condition which often presents as dryness of the skin and itching. As it progresses, it can lead to red, raised areas of the skin that may scale or may even crack. Eczema often responds to good skin moisturizing, but more persistent cases may also require the application of anti inflammatory steroid creams, which your primary care doctor can prescribe for you if necessary. Start by setting up a visit with your doctor if symptoms persist. They will be able to recommend an appropriate treatment.
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