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"Did I pull or tear a leg muscle?"

ZocdocAnswersDid I pull or tear a leg muscle?


my leg started hurtin about 2 months ago, did i pull it or tear it or what and i run alot. i can barely walk after i run and its only that leg


It is possible that you have pulled a muscle or muscle group in your leg. If you run a lot on hard surfaces or up and down the hills, you are at higher risk for injuring your leg muscles. Muscle injuries often take days to weeks to heal properly. However, if you do not have time to rest up it may even take longer to heal. It is also common for runners to get hair-line fractures in the tibia, which are difficult to diagnose without proper imaging. If you hurt your leg 2 months ago and it still hurts, it is likely that you have sprained your ligaments or torn your tendons. Ligaments and tendons do not have good blood supply. As a result, it takes them a lot longer to heal. However, if you are not able to put your exercise routine down, it may not ever heal properly. A proper way to treat musculoskeletal injury is to rest, decrease tension, and make sure that you keep the injured part elevated when not ambulating. This will decrease swelling and inflammation and set up an environment for your body to heal itself. In addition, you need proper nutrition, fluid intake, and avoiding tobacco use. Smoking decreases oxygenation in your tissue as well as narrowing the small blood vessels. That said, it appears to be a more involved injury and therefore should be evaluated properly by a medical professional like a sport medicine specialist. Good luck!

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