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"Why am I having painful erections?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I having painful erections?


My erection does not go down after sex. Just hurts, I am healthy 34 yo with no past medical conditions, just rock hard erections.I'm not on any meds. Please help. Generally takes 4 hrs...


Prolonged, painful erection is also known as priapism. It can often last more than 4 hours and is not associated with sexual activity and not relieved by orgasm. An erection occurs because the blood flows into the penis and becomes flaccid when the blood is drained. Priapism occurs when the blood flows into the penis that is not drained adequately. It is not known why some babies, youngsters and more commonly men in their 20-50's get this condition, but it has been observed in patients with leukemia and sickle cell anemia as well as those using antidepressants, blood pressure medications, alcohol, cocaine and other illicit drugs. Spinal cord injuries and injuries to the genitals as well as those who have had general anesthesia can increase the risk of getting priapism. That said, it is very important to get it treated because prolonged erection can cause scarring in your penis, thus predisposing to further recurrences. Most often the blood can be drained in a doctor's office, which is adequate most of the time. The goal of the treatment is to preserve penile function, and rarely does it require surgery. There are medications to help to shrink the blood vessels that could be used. I think you would definitely benefit from a visit to your medical doctor or urologist who can better assess your condition and treat it appropriately.

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