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"Why do I get the chills all of the time?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I get the chills all of the time?


Random times during the day I get the chills. Goes through my whole body. I'm a healthy 24 year old female and don't know why this happens. What could cause this?


The sensation of chills can be caused by many different things. When a person's body is fighting off an infection, fevers and chills can often go together. It would be more unusual for a young person such as yourself to have just chills without fever, but it could still be possible. In addition, problems with a person's thyroid gland (either producing too much or too little thyroid hormone) can also cause problems with thermoregulation. People with thyroid problems will often report that they are hot (or cold) in a room when everyone else is comfortable. Chills that happen at night and are associated with 'night sweats' (sweating through pajamas and/or sheets) can also be a sign of more serious illness, including some cancers or autoimmune diseases. With an unusual symptom that is not normal for you, the best thing to do is to see your primary care physician right away. There are many things that can cause chills, but nearly all of the possibilities are also associated with many other symptoms. Your doctor will want to talk to you about the rest of your health, ask you a lot of questions about other symptoms you may (or may not) have noticed, and examine you to put all of the pieces together. Hopefully this will turn out to be a very minor issue, but in order to make sure and protect your health, you should see your doctor right away!

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