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"Why are my ears always red?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy are my ears always red?


I have a constant redness in my ears. The outside, the cartilage is always red. Especially on the top. They also feel warmer than the rest of my body, even to the touch. Any reason my ears would feel warm in this way?


Most of the time, redness of the ears is just a normal variation and is not anything to worry about. It is common, because the skin on the ears is thin and delicate, which means that the blood flow to the ears is not well concealed by thick skin and this may give a red tinge to the skin over the ears. This red color may be exaggerated by sudden swings in temperature (such as going from the cold outdoors to a warm room), or by alcohol ingestion as well as some other medications. It also may be worse with stressful or embarrassing situations, as some people may actually develop a 'blushing' reaction that is prominent in their ears. Occasionally, eczema, which is an inflammatory condition of the skin, can be prominent on the ears. In addition to redness, eczema usually also causes some itching, scaling, or cracking of the skin. It typically responds well to good skin moisturizing, although more stubborn cases may require steroid creams from your doctor. If the condition persists, or if you have additional questions, I would recommend that you set up a visit with your primary care doctor, who will be able to give you additional guidance.

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