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"Any way to treat a strained groin?"

ZocdocAnswersAny way to treat a strained groin?


Was horsing around with my little cousins and I'm pretty sure I strained my groin. I still have to go to work and move around so I can't rest it as much as I would like to. Any way I can treat it at night when I'm just laying around? Should I use a heating pad? This was a month ago and it hasn't changed.


Groin muscle strains can be very painful and often take a while to heal. Even so, pain that is still recurrent after a month should not be ignored. Even if this is just a simple strain that is taking a while to heal, it should be evaluated by a doctor. There is no quick and easy fix for a groin strain. The muscle fibers that are stretched need time to heal. We often recommend rest, ice (if the injury is new) or heat (if the injury is more than a few days old). This along with some light stretching exercises often help the healing process. We also usually recommend otherwise taking it easy and avoiding strenuous physical activity for a couple weeks. Depending on the patient, I will often send a person with a groin strain for a few physical therapy sessions. I do this because this can help prevent a prolonged healing process that you seem to be experiencing. In addition, it can help prevent re-injury which is a significant problem with these types of strains. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can examine your injury and recommend a treatment plan that can get you back to where you were a month ago.

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