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"Why is one of my testicles higher than the other?"


I was experiencing some pain in my left testicle when I noticed that it is raised up higher than the other one. I know this is normal but it seems really high like it is going up into my body. What's going on? What should I do?


While it is normal for one testicle to be higher than another, it is not normal for them to change positions. In addition, it is normally the left testicle that is lower than the right. There are several conditions that can cause testicular pain that should be considered in you.

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The first condition is called testicular torsion. This is where the testicle twists on itself causing a disruption in blood flow to the testicle. This causes pain and can also cause the testicle to move upward. The pain is very severe, and is rarely ignored or even tolerated. For this reason, I think torsion is unlikely in you. Other possibilities include infection and pooling of venous blood called a varicocele. Finally, pain in this area can be caused by a hernia. This is where contents of the abdominal cavity move through an abnormal opening in to the scrotum. This does not sound like what you have because your problem seems to be your testicle moving up, not other contents moving down. This is the type of problem that can be looked into by your primary care physician. I suggest that you schedule an appointment today. He or she can examine your testicles and determine if there is anything abnormal going on. Good luck.

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