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"What should I do if there is blood in my urine?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do if there is blood in my urine?


28 year old male and noticed some blood in my urine yesterday. Haven't seen any since but I'm worried. Why would I have blood in my urine? Is something wrong with my bladder?


There are many causes of blood in the urine (hematuria), and a person may be able to see the blood as the urine becomes a red color (gross hematuria). However, a person may also experience microscopic hematuria, in which red blood cells in the urine are only seen when the urine is examined under a microscope. Hematuria may be due to a urinary tract infection, which is often associated with a burning sensation accompanying urination. Kidney stones can also cause hematuria, as a stone may irritate the lining of the ureter or kidney; when this happens there is usually a significant amount of pain as well. Trauma to the kidney can also cause hematuria. Intrinsic damage to the kidney, such as processes that lead to inflammation of the kidney cells (such as glomerulonephritis) can also present with hematuria, and is often painless. In the case of glomerulonephritis, examination of the urine will reveal red blood cells with abnormal shapes. Cancer of the kidneys or urogenital tract can also present with hematuria, though this is much more common in older patients and would be extremely rare in a 28-year-old person. Even if you haven't experienced any gross hematuria after the initial episode, it would be advisable to go see your primary care doctor, who can analyze the urine and test your blood to make sure your kidney function is normal.

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