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"What is making my speech patterns change?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is making my speech patterns change?


Lately I have been stumbling over my words and sort of stuttering. I had a little trouble with this when I was a kid but I am 30 now. Could there be something wrong with my brain if my speech patterns are changing?


Sorry to hear you are having trouble with this! Please see your primary care doctor for an evaluation and some advice. If you had trouble with stuttering or another speech defect as a child, that does typically get better for most people by the time they are in their adolescence. Occasionally there can be a residual speech problem that is mostly compensated for. However, in times of stress or fatigue, these compensatory mechanisms may be overwhelmed and the stuttering or other speech defect might suddenly seem to have reappeared or gotten worse. Typically, if you can focus on lifestyle modifications, such as getting more sleep, eating healthy nutritious meals, and getting regular exercise, you can reduce your fatigue and stress level, and you will find that the speech problems get better. Regardless, to be safe you should see your primary care doctor for a complete evaluation. Among other things, they will be able to evaluate you and treat you for any other causes of fatigue that might be triggering your speech problem, such as insomnia. Also they will make sure that the speech problem is not related to a new neurological problem.

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