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"What should I do if there is burning in my groin?"


I have a burning sensation in my groin on the right side. It doesn't feel hot when I touch it but definitely ?feels? hot. No pain or anything in my genital area. What is wrong with me?


A burning sensation in your groin could be caused by a skin rash of some sort or perhaps an infection. Some skin infections such as a fungal infection (known as jock itch or tinea) can cause a burning sensation. However, this is often accompanied by a lot of itching and usually causes a bright red rash.

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If you don't see a rash at all, then the problem may not be in or on your skin. A burning sensation can come from an infection within your nerves. For example, genital herpes is an infection that can cause a burning sensation which can be associated with sores or ulcers in the groin area. The fact that you don't have any pain in the genital area makes this less likely, but not impossible. If you have recently been with a new sexual partner, this would increase the changes that this is a sexually transmitted infection. This type of issue should be handled by your primary care physician. He or she can listen to your description of your symptoms and perform a thorough physical exam. Your doctor should be able to figure out what is wrong and hopefully will be able to prescribe treatment. Good luck.

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