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"What are the symptoms of low blood sugar?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the symptoms of low blood sugar?


I?ve been really tired lately and have lost my appetite for the most part. Does this mean that I have low blood sugar? What are the symptoms of low blood sugar?


Early or mild symptoms of low blood sugar usually produce anxiety, shakiness, heart race, and sweating. Moderate to severely low blood sugar can include weakness, tiredness, difficult concentration, blurry vision and confusion. In extreme cases, low blood sugar can leak to coma and death. Having low appetite and fatigue alone does not seem to be secondary to having low blood sugar. Is this something situational like death of a friend, or a chronic condition that you have been dealing with for months or years? Have you lost any weight? Are you older than 50 years old age? Have you had a health screening exam such as a colonoscopy, a mammogram (if you are a woman), heart and lungs exam in the past year? Have you had a thyroid function, or blood level check to see if you have anemia? As you can see, there are many causes which can potentially contribute to your symptoms. It is most appropriate for you to see a primary care provider who can examine and order necessary tests. Low blood sugar usually triggers a fight-or-flight response and I don't think that's what you have. Many health conditions start out with a few symptoms (warning signs) to help us diagnose and potentially treat. The sooner the diagnosis, the better the chance of getting the best available treatments.

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