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"Why are the palms of my hands itchy?"


The palms of both of my hands keep itching. They aren?t red and there is nothing on my skin. Is the skin just dry? Why would I have an itch there?


Itching of the palms is a common skin problem. Most of the time, it is related to atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, or to a contact reaction of the skin to some external agent, called contact dermatitis. Both atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis will usually progress to causes reddened, irritated skin; however, in the early stages or mild cases, their may not be much of a visible rash.

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You may notice, if you look close, tiny fluid collections under the skin which look like blisters - if you see these, then these are a good indication that you have a dermatitis. Fortunately, dermatitis is usually easy to treat. Keeping the skin well moisturized is very important. Also, it is important to protect your skin from any potential triggering exposures, such as harsh chemicals, dish water, and cheap metal jewelry. Also, most cases of dermatitis will require a topical steroid cream applied to the most stubborn areas in order to clear up entirely. I suggest that you set up a visit with your primary care doctor. They will be able to examine your skin and confirm the diagnosis of dermatitis as well as consider alternative diagnoses if there is no sign of dermatitis on the examination.

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