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"Why do I burp so much?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I burp so much?


Think I burp and belch way more than other people. It happens when I eat and when I don?t eat. Why am I doing this so much? Is my stomach producing too much gas?


Does this happen when you are drinking as well as eating? Is there any stomach distention, nausea or vomiting associated with burping or belching? Belching is very non-specific symptoms and it could be due to a lot of reasons. However, the most common reason why you may be burping more is probably due to your eating too fast and thus swallowing more air in the process. Have you tried to chew slowly and see if this helps? Other reasons include indigestion and sluggish stomach functioning. There are other different reasons which include low digestive enzymes, dysmotility problems, gastritis or even stomach ulcers. Did you notice if your belching is worse with certain kinds of food like high carbohydrate type food? Does drinking a sugary drink, eating dairy products like milk or cheese make it worse? Is there pain in the stomach area? Often gastritis or stomach ulcers can have similar presenting symptoms. The only way to establish a diagnosis of your condition is by an upper endoscopy. The treatment is usually with antacids. Do you notice that it takes a long time after you eat for your stomach to empty? Delayed stomach emptying or gastroparesis is pretty common among patients with diabetes or from unknown etiologies, but sufferers of this condition may have terrible tolerance for large meals. They can only tolerate small meals and mostly liquid food. You should follow up with a primary care physician or gastroenterologist to arrive a diagnosis and work out a treatment plan.

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