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"What happens if you tear a ligament and don?t get it repaired?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat happens if you tear a ligament and don?t get it repaired?


I broke my toe and it has healed. I think I might have torn a ligament too though because it feels ?loose? compared to my other toes. What will happen if I don?t get this fixed? Will it cause pain in the future?


Toe fractures are relatively common and most do not require surgical fixation. However, it sounds as though you may still be having some residual complaints after a toe fracture so it is best to see an orthopedic surgeon (preferably one specializing in the foot and ankle) for a more thorough exam. He or she will want to look at the x-rays that initially identified your fracture and will probably then want a second set of images for comparison. There are a significant number of ligaments in the foot and ankle--the ones that usually cause more of a problem when injured are in the ankle, but your doctor will want to examine your toe to make sure that there isn't some other underlying issue that may need further attention. It is definitely possible to elect not to repair a ligament injury, although the pros and cons of surgery v no surgery would require a more detailed discussion with an orthopedic specialist. In addition, it is possible that the 'looseness' you are feeling relates to some weakness in the muscles near the injured toe as a result of walking differently because of the initial injury. An orthopedic specialist can also make recommendations about physical therapy or any other brace or support device that might help protect your injury while it heals while also allowing you to resume your normal physical activity as soon as possible.

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