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"What is causing my irritability?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is causing my irritability?


For seemingly no reason I have been very irritable lately. Everything sets me off. Along with that, I also can?t seem to get a good nights sleep. Like I can?t make my mind stop worrying about things. Is this a psychological problem or could something be physically wrong with me?


In days of old we were taught in medicine that the body, emotion, and mind are totally separated entities and disease of each axis must be treated separately. However, we now know that our health is much more complex than that, and our total health depends on the interaction between each physical-emotion-mental health. It is like a three legged stool. A disturbance in one axis will often cause dysfunction in the other(s). In trying to answer your concern, I wonder if this is new for you or it is something chronic, or even cyclical. Some women do get irritable around their menstrual cycle because of the changes in their hormonal levels. But almost all of us will get irritable if we do not get enough rest. We all know that babies do terribly when they don't get their rest but can be the sweetest thing when they do. Also, did you recently start a new job, or have a change in work responsibility, new boss, and relationship, etc.? The basis of your problem appears to be insomnia. However, it would be really beneficial for you to see a primary care physician who can help you to figure out what you have and arrive at appropriate treatments.

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