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"What should I do if something is stuck in my eye?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do if something is stuck in my eye?


I was riding my bike and something in the air flew into my eye! I think it was just a dust particle or a bit of something, but it doesn?t seem to want to come out. Been in there for two days and my eye itches. What should I do? Will it eventually come out on its own?


Sorry to hear that you had something fly into your eye while riding a bicycle. I can give you my general approach to foreign bodies that make it into the eye, and give you my recommendations. First off, the type of foreign body is of utmost importance. For instance, if it is a piece of glass or something like that, I would recommend going directly to an emergency eye clinic because they can be hard to get out, can cause significant damage, and your vision isn't something to be taken lightly. Along the same lines, if you aren't sure what the foreign body is, it is safer to go to an eye clinic. If it is a chemical solution, you should follow the instructions on the MSDS sheet, which will usually involve irrigating the eye with an isotonic saline solution. This can be purchased from just about any pharmacy. If you know that the foreign body isn't something very dangerous (glass, chemicals, etc) and you want a good way to get it ot without scratching your cornea, I would recommend purchasing some saline, and warming it to room temperature and irrigating your eye copiously with it. To do this you need to bend your head over facing the ground with the affected eye open and irrigate gently with the entire solution (at least 1-2 liters). This will generally flush out most foreign bodies. You may need to repeat this multiple times. If this doesn't get it out, then you need to go to an emergency eye clinic. If you are a couple days out from the injury already, the foreign body may already be gone (unless you can still see it), and you may just have a scratch which will need to heal. Nonetheless if you still feel something there, I would recommend going to see an ophthalmologist to get it checked out. I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best.

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