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"Is there a cure for chapped lips?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a cure for chapped lips?


My lips are so chapped! It never goes away no matter how much lip balm I use. Is there any way to cure my chapped lips or is this just something that I have to live with?


If your lips have been chapped, dry, or irritated for a long period of time despite using lip balm and sun protection appropriately (yes, your lips can also get sun burned and should be protected), then you should start considering other reasons that they may be chapped. It is important to realize that all skin does take some time to heal, and that if they are not protected appropriately you will need to give them some time before you can expect them to improve. Obviously, hydration is an important part of keeping your skin moist. If you are eating too much salt or are not drinking enough water, your lips are one of the first places to begin to feel dry. Increasing your water consumption may be enough to fix your problem. If you have tried this, and multiple balms continue to fail, then perhaps you should consider other reasons that they are irritated. Some possibilities include allergies, repeated trauma to the area, or even sores that may not be noticeable because of the irritation that you are feeling now. While it seems like a simple thing, you should discuss your problem with your primary care doctor if it does not improve.

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