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"Is it okay for your body to be slightly overweight?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it okay for your body to be slightly overweight?


I?m a little overweight, but I?m totally comfortable with it. Is it bad for your body if you?re just carrying a little extra fat or are there health risks involved?


The answer to your question depends mostly on how overweight you are. Physicians gauge how overweight someone is by calculating their body mass index (BMI for short). This is basically a calculation that looks at a person's weight taking into account their height. Any number over 25 is considered overweight and any number over 30 is considered obese. We always try to have our patient's aim for somewhere between 20 and 25. You can calculate you own BMI using BMI calculators that you can find on the internet. All you need is your own height and weight, and you can figure it out. Health problems associated with being overweight are much more significant as the BMI gets higher. Heart disease (from high blood pressure and high cholesterol), liver disease, certain types of cancers, arthritis, and many other bad conditions happen more often in people that are overweight. These are things you should consider if you find yourself to have a BMI that is greater than 25. The best physician for you to discuss this issue with is your primary care physician. He or she can discuss what your ideal weight is and how close you need to come to that in order to insure that you don't suffer from any overweight health issues.

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