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"Should I be worried about my blurry vision?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I be worried about my blurry vision?


I wear glasses, but lately my vision has been blurry. I wear my glasses all the time and I don?t know why my vision would suddenly get blurry. It is really bad at night when I am driving. What causes blurry vision? Should I be worried?


If your vision is currently blurry, then you probably need re-evaluated by your optometrist. Over time, everyone's vision changes because of changes in the lens which is responsible for focusing light in our eyes. Thus, people that where glasses need to have there lens prescription changed every few years to accommodate these changes. For some people it take longer for these changes to happen. Because this problem is so common, you need to have this evaluated first. There are other problems that can occur which can cause blurry vision. For example, cataracts can cause disruption in vision because they prevent light from making it to the retina. While cataracts typically happen in older people, certain medications can also be a culprit. If you take steroids for an inflammatory condition, then this is a possibility. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your optometrist. He or she can test your vision using a Snellen chart which tells the doctor how bad your vision is in each eye. From there, you can try a new prescription for eye glasses to see if that corrects your vision. If your vision is not correctable with new lenses, then you will probably need to see an ophthalmologist for further evaluation.

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