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"What should I do about a bump?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do about a bump?


I have a small bump under my skin, which you have to touch it and feel it. It is not visible. should I take it serious and take it out or should I leave it alone?


For your first question, I think it is always important to be in tune with your body and take changes seriously. If it has been slow to show up, or grow, it usually means that there is less urgency with working it up. Also the location with a lesion on the skin makes a large difference. Just from the information that you have given me, a few different possibilities come to mind. For instance if it is a fairly large lesion, that is very soft and squishy, it may be something like a lipoma (a benign fatty growth). However if it is a well circumscribed (meaning that it feels like it has discrete edges) firm little mass it may be something entirely different. If it is mobile (meaning you can move it around and it isn't fixed to anything) it may be something as simple as a swollen lymph node. Or for example if it is fixed to your skin it may be a dermal cyst. The best person to have evaluate it is probably a dermatologist. If it is on your head or neck, I would go to an otolaryngologist (ENT). They should be able to tell you fairly quickly what they think it might be, and whether it warrants a further work-up (like a biopsy). I hope this information was helpful, and I wish you all the best.

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