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"What causes severe stomach cramping? "

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes severe stomach cramping?


I have been having this pain for about a day now. I woke up on the middle of the night feeling like i was going to puke and I had severe pain eminating from my stomach all the way up my throat. Its so bad that it makes me go into a ball like when i am having a muscle cramp. When my stomach cramps I then get the feeling that I have to puke.


You need to go see your doctor immediately or, if you cannot get in to see your doctor immediately, go to an emergency room for evaluation. Any severe, sudden case of abdominal pain like the one that you are currently experiencing needs a full medical evaluation. Although sometimes abdominal pain like this can be caused by a relatively not serious problem, like constipation or a viral stomach infection, I am worried about several very serious potential causes. For example, appendicitis can cause severe, sudden abdominal pain and nausea that wakes you up in the middle of the night. There may also be vomiting and fever. Appendicitis does not get better on its own, and it requires surgery; in fact, if you wait too long before seeking medical help, the appendicitis may rupture or worsen, which makes a relatively simple surgery much more complicated. Other causes of severe abdominal pain include an inflammation or infection in the gallbladder or pancreas or a stomach ulcer. Similarly, occasionally severe stomach pain is a sign of a problem with your heart or with the big blood vessels in your body, such as the aorta. All of these are potentially very serious problems, which is why you need to be evaluated by a doctor right away.

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