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"What can I do if I have chronic pain?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do if I have chronic pain?


There is a pain in my groin that simply won't go away. It is only on the right side and the doctor says that nothing is physically wrong with me, so what am I supposed to do? The pain is not going away. What can I do about my chronic pain? I don't want to just start taking pain medication all the time.


Chronic pain is a very common complaint. Unfortunately this is a very complicated issue that is very difficult to treat. As such, it is necessary that your align yourself with a good doctor team. I would recommend you discuss this with your primary care doctor. If necessary, he or she may refer you to a pain specialist. The first goal with any pain issue is determining the cause of the pain. There are many pieces of the body that can fail and cause pain. Anything from the skin, muscles, joints, bones, nerves, spinal cord and even brain that can cause pain if there is injury to it. Finally, the mind (different from the brain) can also cause pain. Your doctor appears to believe there is nothing physically wrong with your body. It might be worthwhile to see a urologist (a groin specialist) to discuss and confirm this. If confirmed, the mind may be the culprit. There are many people who suffer from pain because of psychological issues. In this case, a psychiatrist may be helpful. Overall, medication is simply one part of chronic pain treatment. Physical therapy can help for biofeedback and body training exercises. Mental therapy can help with strategies to deal with the pain. Talk to your doctor. This requires some effort to address. Good luck!

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