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"If I am having trouble speaking is it possible that I have aphasia?"


Really stumbling over my words lately and just can't seem to put a correct sentence together sometimes. I have to really think about what I'm going to say or it comes out wrong. Is this aphasia? I found some info online and it sounds like thats what it could be.


Expressive aphasia is difficulty with word production - meaning, that you know which words you want to say, but you have a hard time making them come out . New onset expressive aphasia can be a very serious symptom. In particular, in people with risk factors, aphasia can be a sign of a stroke or ministroke.

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If you have any other symptoms, such as dizziness, weakness, confusion, or any other similar neurological symptom, you need to see your doctor right away or go to an emergency room. Similarly, if you have any risk factors for a stroke, such as if you have heart disease, if you are elderly, or if you have diabetes, you need to seek immediate medical help. In otherwise healthy people, trouble with producing words might be related to nerves or to stress and not true aphasia at all. For example, sometimes people who stuttered as children may find that, even as adults, they have trouble with word production when they are under pressure. However, it is best to start by having this checked out by your doctor. They will be able to perform a complete neurological exam to make sure nothing serious is going on. Get in to see your doctor today!

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