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"Is my hair growth just a result of aging?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my hair growth just a result of aging?


I'm getting hair on my back. I'm a 29 year old male and never had hair there before. Is this just from growing older? I take a nasal steroid to help with some sinus congestion. Could this be causing it too?


By the time you are 29 years old, you should have basically achieved your final hair distribution. Therefore, it would be unusual to have a major new hair growth pattern. That being said, hairs can continue to develop and become more pronounced over the years (for example, think about the growth of hair in the nose and ears in older men), and this is not necessarily a medical problem. It is very unlikely that your nasal steroid spray has anything to do with this new hair growth. Nasal steroid sprays are low dose, and they are not usually absorbed into the body to any significant degree. You should see your doctor, and discuss any concerning symptoms along with the change in hair patterns. For example, any sudden unintended weight change should be investigated. Similarly, if you have recently worsening acne or any change in your sexual drive or function. Good luck.

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