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"Do I have pinworms?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have pinworms?


There is an itchy feeling around my anus. Does this mean that I have pinworms or is it some kind of rash? Can I doctor tell me if I have pinworms? What do they do about it?


Pinworms are a parasitic worm that is picked up usually by coming in contact with dirt that contains the eggs of the worm. For this reason, it is more common in children but it can also occur in adults, especially if the children transmit it directly to the adults. Although pinworms are a benign infection, they can be quite unpleasant, as they can cause severe itching around the anus. They can be easily diagnosed by your doctor, who can examine the skin around the anus and take a sample with a piece of sticky tape to see if any parasite worms or eggs can be identified. If pinworms are found, there is a very safe and effective medication that can be taken to eliminate the infection. There are several other causes of anal itching that your doctor will also be able to consider. In particular, hemorrhoids, which are dilated veins around the anus, typically caused by constipation or chronic straining, can be extremely itchy. They are easily diagnosed with rectal examination; if your doctor finds hemorrhoids, there are numerous creams that can be used to treat the inflammation and itching. Start by setting up a visit with your primary care doctor today!

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