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"What foods should I avoid if I have IBS?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat foods should I avoid if I have IBS?


I'm pretty sure from reading online that my stomach problems are due to IBS. Are there certain foods I should avoid that would help my IBS be better? It is getting to be a big problem in my life.


Irritable bowel syndrome, as you have probably figured out by your reading online, is a condition in which crampy abdominal pain occurs intermittently. The pain is sometimes associated with diarrhea or constipation, and it is usually much worse when you are stressed out or fatigued. If you think you might have irritable bowel syndrome, I think you should go to see your doctor. This is because there are some other intestinal conditions which are more serious than irritable bowel syndrome, such as inflammatory bowel disease or celiac disease, which should be ruled out before settling on a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome. Your doctor can help you with this diagnostic process. If you do turn out to have irritable bowel syndrome, it can be helpful to keep a food diary to see if there are any foods that make the symptoms worse. IBS is not caused by food, but many people with the condition do find that certain foods make their symptoms worse. Common offenders are dairy, fats, alcohol, and caffeine, but there is no set rule here, and each person is different. It is best to pay close attention to your own diets and sort out what your triggers might be. Again, please speak with your doctor!

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