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How should I treat my swollen lip?

Got hit in the mouth accidentally at the gym the other day. Now my upper lip is super swollen. How can I make it go away? Should I just ice it?
Sorry to hear that you had this accident! Fortunately, most of the time minor injuries to the mouth like this heal very quickly. Typically, you don't need to seek medical attention for these injuries, and home treatments are quite effective. In the few hours and days right after the injury, ice is probably the most important treatment, as this will help bring down the swelling. Anti inflammatory medicines which you can buy over the counter, such as ibuprofen and naproxen, will also help with the pain and swelling. With these treatments, you should expect things to start getting better soon. Things that should prompt a visit to your doctor would include any pain or swelling that has not improved. Also, sometimes the inside of the lip may be cut if it is forced against the teeth, and this occasionally requires intervention if the cut is large. Also, you should make sure you did not injure any of your teeth, as blows to the mouth can often do this. If you notice any looseness or pain in any of your front teeth, you should get in to see a dentist right away to see if there is any serious tooth damage.
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