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Can you have a toothache if nothing is wrong with your teeth?

My dentist said that nothing is wrong with my teeth, but they all hurt on the upper right side. Why would this happen if there is nothing wrong with my teeth? Is something wrong with my face? Where is the pain coming from?
There are several potential causes for this pain. One is that you have sensitive teeth, which occurs when small pores in the teeth allow communication with the outside environment. When this occurs, cold or hot liquids, as well as brushing the teeth, may cause pain. This condition is worse with whitening toothpastes or with other tooth whitening products. If you notice these associations, you may want to switch to a sensitive tooth toothpaste, as well as revisit the issue with your dentist the next time you see them. Another very common cause of tooth pain is sinus congestion or a sinus infection. This is because the nerves that run through the sinuses also feed the teeth, so pain in the sinuses can be perceived as pain in the teeth. If you have pressure or a sensation of fullness in the front of your head, or if you have nasal congestion or stuffiness or cough, this may be what is going on. You should go see your primary care doctor. They will be able to examine you and confirm the diagnosis and, subsequently, recommend an appropriate treatment to help clear up the symptoms.
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