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"What's wrong with me if I am sleeping too much?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's wrong with me if I am sleeping too much?


I sleep like 8 or 9 hours a night, and then still feel like I need several naps during the day. After the naps, I don't feel refreshed. Why is this happening? Is there such a thing that makes you sleep too much?


There are many potential causes of excessive fatigue, which is what you are experiencing. In order to get to the bottom of this, you will need to go see your primary care doctor for a thorough evaluation if you have not already done so. First off, there are multiple psychological and life style factors which contribute to fatigue. These can include stress and over work, but the can also be related to more serious causes, such as a problem with depression. Your doctor can help you figure out if this is going on in your case. Second, there are several common medical conditions that are associated with excessive fatigue. Among these are a problem with the activity of the thyroid gland, which can lead to weight gain, changes in the hair and skin, and extreme tiredness. Another common cause of daytime fatigue is sleep apnea, which occurs when the tissue of the throat closes off during sleep, resulting in poor rest. People with sleep apnea usually have very severe snoring or 'choking' episodes while they are sleeping. I suggest you start by seeing your doctor! They will help you figure out if there is a reversible medical cause of your fatigue that needs to be treated.

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