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"Is there something wrong with my adrenal gland?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there something wrong with my adrenal gland?


I just always feel down and like I don't have any energy for the last couple of months. Does this mean something is wrong with my adrenal gland?


The adrenal gland is an important organ in the body that produces steroid and sex hormones. These hormones do play an important role in many essential body functions, and low levels of adrenal hormones can cause symptoms like feeling down and fatigued. I advise that you see your primary care doctor to make sure there is not a problem. There several other causes of your symptoms that a doctor should evaluate. For example, trouble with the thyroid gland, specifically an underactive thyroid gland or hypothyroidism, is one of the most common medical causes of fatigue and low mood. Your doctor will be able to perform a physical exam and some simple blood tests to rule out a thyroid problem. Additionally, depression is a major cause of low mood and fatigue. When you go to see your doctor, they will also screen you for depression, asking you questions about your interests, mood, sleep cycle, appetite, and the like. Fortunately, both depression and thyroid problems can be well treated with excellent medications. Finally, sometimes fatigue and low mood is simply a result of stress and not getting enough rest. Making sure to take good care of yourself (exercising regularly, sleeping well, eating nutritious meals) can go a long way towards making you feel better. Talk to your primary care doctor soon for an evaluation. Good luck.

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