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"What should I do if I am not producing enough saliva?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do if I am not producing enough saliva?


I don't think I have enough saliva in my mouth. It always feels kind of dry, even though I am not thirsty. Is there a medical problem that makes people not produce enough saliva?


There are several different causes of dry mouth. You should discuss this issue with your primary care doctor. First of all, simple dehydration can cause dry mouth. If you are exercising a lot and not keeping up with your fluid losses, or if you simply are someone who doesn't drink a lot of water throughout the day, then you may simply need to increase your fluid intake! Another common cause of dry mouth is diabetes. The high blood sugar with the diabetes is very dehydrating and, in addition to dry mouth, it tends to cause blurry vision, frequent urination, weight loss, and increased appetite. Next, there are many medications that can cause dry mouth as a side effect. These medications include many over the counter cold and flu preparations, as well as common antidepressant medications among others. Rarely, dry mouth can be a sign of an autoimmune condition called Sjogren's disease, but this is rare and would require ruling out these other more common causes first. Again, please see your doctor to get a diagnosis and plan a treatment course.

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