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"How can I get the water out of my ears?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I get the water out of my ears?


I did one of those nasal rinses and I guess I did it wrong because I ended up with water in my ears that I can't get out. How can you get water that is stuck in your ears to come out? Is it dangerous to have water in your ears?


What probably happened is that the fluid from the nasal saline rinse went down the back of your throat and then up your eustachian tubes into your middle ear. The eustachian tubes are small tubes that connect the part of the ear behind the ear drum (called the middle ear) to the throat. Unfortunately, there can be significant swelling of the tubes and the surrounding tissue with sinus congestion, throat infections, and similar complaints. If you have nasal congestion that is significant enough that your nose is entirely blocked and you use a nasal rinse, it is very common for the fluid to accidentally direct up into the eustachian tubes. This can be a little uncomfortable, but it is not dangerous. The most important thing is not to use the nasal saline rinse again as long as your nose is completely stuffed up. You may try some over the counter decongestants to see if you can open up the nasal passages and the eustachian tubes and allwo the fluid to drain. Given the fact that this issue has persisted, you should get in to see your primary care doctor to rule out any more serious issues. Good luck!

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