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"Is human growth hormone a safe way to prevent wrinkles?"

ZocdocAnswersIs human growth hormone a safe way to prevent wrinkles?


I don't want to get any more wrinkles! I heard that people can use human growth hormone to make wrinkles stop. Is this true? Is it safe?


Human growth hormone is a very important hormone produced in the body that is involved in a whole number of processes related to growth and maintenance of the body's tissues. An outright deficiency in growth hormone causes dwarfism and other related growth problems in children. There is an age-related decline in the amount of growth hormone that the body produces, and this has been postulated to be a potential cause of some of the effects of aging, including wrinkles in the skin. Human growth hormone is available as a medication. However, it is extremely expensive and it is approved only for use in a very limited number of conditions, mostly the problems I mentioned in children related to severe growth hormone deficiency. Growth hormone is not approved or used for anti aging effects. There are numerous low quality sites on the internet that advertise supplements that are supposed to increase the body's own ability to produce growth hormone and, thereby, reverse effects of aging including skin wrinkles. However, not of these product claims have ever been scientifically tested or proven to be true. The most important thing you can do to prevent wrinkles is to take general care of your health and to avoid damage to the skin from the sunlight. For more information about this issue, please talk to your primary care doctor or your dermatologist.

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