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"Is it bad for your hair to wash it every day?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it bad for your hair to wash it every day?


I wash my hair every day but now I think it is drying out and it even hurts sometimes at the root. Is it from washing it too much? Is it bad for your hair and scalp to wash your hair every day?


The problem with washing your hair every day is that, depending on the brands of shampoo and other hair products that you use, the chemicals in those products may begin to strip the hair's natural protective oils away and lead to breakage and drying out of the individual hair shafts. Similarly, the chemicals in the hair products may irritated or dry out your scalp itself. The solution to this might be to try washing your hair less frequently (say every other day). Alternatively you might want to go to a drug store and specifically look for a sensitive hair brand of shampoo that is less damaging. Also, it goes almost without saying that hair bleaching and dying products are the most damaging and irritating products of all. Therefore, while you are sorting out this problem, you will definitely want to avoid those products. If you find that you are suffering from dandruff (as opposed to dry scalp and hair) then this is a different problem not related to dryness. In any case, please talk to your primary care doctor or dermatologist to get a diagnosis, and to rule out more serious issues. Good luck!

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