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"Does smoking cigarettes damage your taste buds?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes smoking cigarettes damage your taste buds?


I've been smoking cigarettes for like a year and I feel like I can't taste things like I used to. Is it from the smoking? Can it damage your taste buds?


Yes, it is definitely possible that smoking of cigarettes can be responsible for your symptoms of altered sensation of taste. There are several research studies that have documented that the taste buds of people who are smokers are flatter than the taste buds of people who do not smoke, although there are no differences in the numbers of taste buds. Furthermore, there are also differences in the sensitivity of taste between people who smoke and people who do not smoke. This may be related to the change in blood supply to the taste buds. In addition, cigarettes also contain numerous chemicals that can be dangerous to the cells. Nicotine can cause changes in the taste buds as well. Although you have not provided much information on the quantity of smoking or the time period that you have been smoking for, it is important that you make an appointment with your primary care doctor to determine your general health condition and to determine what the effects of cigarette smoking have been to your overall medical condition. It is important to discuss whether you understand the risks of smoking and if you have the intention to quit smoking, you should discuss this with the doctor as well. Good luck!

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