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"Is there any way to get rid of the bags under my eyes?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any way to get rid of the bags under my eyes?


I've tried all kinds of things but can't seem to get rid of the bags underneath my eyes. Any way to help them go away without cosmetic surgery?


Bags under the eyes is a very common problem and, unfortunately, there are not very good treatments available. These bags occur because the skin under the eyes is very thin. As we age, the thinning and relaxation of this skin tends to create the problem. One thing you can do is to try to keep your skin well moisturized. You can also avoid sun damage to the skin, as this tends to accelerate the normal aging changes in the skin, make the problem look worse. Additionally, you should talk to your primary care doctor to make sure that there is not any medical problem which is making the area under your eyes appear puffy. The most common causes of this are nasal or seasonal allergies and chronic sinus congestion. If you have one of these problems, taking regular medications to keep the symptoms under control will make the puffiness under your eyes go down and should improve the overall appearance of your skin significantly. Again, please discuss with your doctor. Best of luck.

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