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"Could my anxiety be causing my dizziness?"

ZocdocAnswersCould my anxiety be causing my dizziness?


I have some trouble with anxiety and I see someone that is helping me through it, but sometimes I still get attacks. Even when I don't have an attack, I still feel light headed and dizzy sometimes. Is it from the anxiety or is something physically wrong with me?


This is a complex issue that should be addressed by a physician in person. There are many people who have dizziness when they are anxious. This is due to a host of factors, one of which is occasionally hyperventilating during the episodes of stress. Other times, however, the relationship is deeper than a reaction to the anxiety. It has been well described that some people, classically white females, have a relationship between minor cardiac valve abnormalities and anxiety. These valve abnormalities often do not affect their every day life, but do seem to be linked to the anxiety in some way. Whether they are a cause of dizziness or not would need to be determined. The nice thing about cardiac valve abnormalities is that your doctor should be able to quickly determine if you have one by simply using a stethoscope to listen to your heart beat. Primary care doctors become adept at identifying minor details such as this, and are then able to refer you to a specialist if it is needed. Again, it is impossible to say that you have this problem at all, but your primary care doctor is the place to start to determine if your dizziness is anything more than anxiety. Please schedule an appointment soon.

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