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"How do you make insect bites go away?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you make insect bites go away?


I got a lot of mosquito bites on my lower arms yesterday and they are very embarrassing. Any way to make them go away fast? They also itch quite a bit.


Mosquito bites (or those of any other insects) can be incredibly irritating, both for cosmetic reasons as well as discomfort associated with itching and scratching. Unfortunately, there isn't a good way to expedite the healing process. As you know, the 'bumps' associated with insect bites will go away after a few days, but unfortunately time is the process that helps in the most. In the meantime there are several strategies you can use to help minimize any complications. First, while insect bites will almost always resolve without leaving any scars, scratching the bites such that a break in the skin develops may possibly lead to a small scar (or the risk of developing a more significant skinbreak and infection). For this reason, even though it can be very difficult, do your best NOT to scratch the area. Second, there are several medications you can use to help with the itching. Topical benadryl or corticosteroid cream (both of which are available over the counter) can dramatically help with itching. Your doctor can also prescribe oral anti-itch medications. Overall, any questions about skin care or complications from these insect bites should always be addressed with your primary care physician or urgent care clinic. Please discuss with your doctor soon. Good luck!

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