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"Why does my skin feel gritty?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my skin feel gritty?


The skin on my stomach and near my genitals is scaly and gritty. It looks like it is sort of flaking off too. What is this? Is it just dry skin or something worse?


For the most part, it is likely to be something simple such as dried skin. Depending on your recent exposure to UV radiation, there may be an element of sunburn that is resolving via flaking of this skin. If the problem is more pronounced, however, it may be indicative of something more widespread that needs to be addressed. It is common for many medical conditions to have systemic side effects. For example, diabetics have many skin problems that others don't have due to the different bacteria and fungi that can live on diabetic skin, as well as due to elevations and variations in blood sugar levels. A final reason for flaking of skin can be hygiene, whether it be poor hygiene with too little soap, or excellent hygiene with too much soap. If you have changed your detergent lately, the flaking could also be a sign of a simple skin allergy. Please speak to your doctor and have a physical examination to make sure that there is not a serious cause. In rare cases, a skin biopsy may be necessary, although this is unlikely to be necessary in your case.

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