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"Why is my finger turned in?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my finger turned in?


My pointer finger on my left hand is kind of turning in towards my other fingers. Any way I can fix this? I'm afraid it will just keep moving in that direction.


I am not sure what is going on exactly without some more details, but I can offer some general pointers. First of all, if there is any pain or swelling in the finger, or if you have any trouble moving it, this might be a sign of arthritis, especially if you also have symptoms in other joints of the hand or in other joints of the body. If you think you might have arthritis, you should see your primary care doctor for a full evaluation. Another possibility would be that there is some deformity to your finger owing to an old injury. If you have ever broken or severely sprained the finger this might explain what is going on. Once again, you would want to see your primary care doctor or even an orthopedic doctor for an evaluation of this. If by curving in you mean that you can not fully extend the finger and it ends up being kind of hook-shaped, then this could be trigger finger, which is caused by scar tissue or inflammation in the tends of the finger, preventing it from extending fully. Trigger finger can also be treated by your primary care doctor or by an orthopedic doctor. Please discuss with your doctor soon.

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