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"Is something wrong with my thigh bone?"

ZocdocAnswersIs something wrong with my thigh bone?


I don't have pain in my muscle in my leg, it feels more like it is in the bone. It is my thigh bone. What does it mean if the pain feels like its in the bone and not the muscle. Can you have a bone ache?


It sounds like you have had some significant changes in your health recently. It is definitely possible to have pain that is coming from a bone source and not from a muscle, but overall things that lead to bone pain are more significant medical issues that should be addressed by a physician. In your situation, the best thing to do is to make an appointment with your primary care physician for an initial evaluation. He or she can take a much more detailed history and go over your prior health history and exam to decide what additional testing may be required. In general, bony pain can definitely result from trauma (falls, car accidents). However, it doesn't sound like you have had any incidents like this lately. In addition, arthritis can lead to bony pain. Depending upon your age and other health concerns, you may be at risk for fractures from osteoporosis. Younger patients are at risk for stress fractures. Regardless of the cause, fractures can definitely be quite painful. It is also possible to develop gout or other infections in joint spaces which can feel like pain coming from the bone. It is also possible for bony pain to indicate infection in the bone or sometimes even the spread of a tumor. As you can tell, the list of possibilities that can cause bony pain is very long and ranges from minor to serious. For this reason, it is definitely best to see your physician for a thorough history and exam.

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