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"Is my sinus infection causing my ears to hurt?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my sinus infection causing my ears to hurt?


If you have a sinus problem can I make your ears hurt? I had a sinus infection and now I have a kind of aching feeling in my ears now. Are they from the same infection or does the trouble with my ears have to do with something else?


Sinus congestion or sinus infections typically cause drainage of fluid down the back of the throat, and this may lead to inflammation and swelling in the back of the throat. When this occurs, you may experience something called eustachian tube dysfunction. Eustachian tube dysfunction involves swelling and blockage of the eustachian tubes, which are tiny tubes that drain fluid from the inside of the ear behind the ear drum into the back of the throat. If the tubes are swollen shut, you may have a build up of pressure and fluid behind the ear, which could cause the symptoms that you are currently experiencing. I recommend that you go see your primary care doctor about this. They will be able to look in your ears and confirm that you have a fluid buildup. They will also be able to rule out that this is a different problem, such as an ear infection. Also, they will be able to assess your sinus infection to make sure that it is improving, because if the sinus infection is the source of your ear pressure, it will need to be well treated in order to relieve the symptoms. Make an appointment to see your primary care doctor today!

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