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"What does it mean if the skin on my knee has turned red?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean if the skin on my knee has turned red?


I had some pain in my knee that is now getting worse. What I'm really scared about though is that the skin has turned reddish/pink. Why did my knee pain make the skin change color?


There are many possible reasons that the skin on your knee could be turning red or pink, but your particular problem should be evaluated by a doctor because you feel that the pain is getting worse and there has been a change in the color. You should see a doctor immediately, because this could be a sign of many different things, but some of them could be serious. Some possibilities include infection, which can often cause redness (erythema) of the area. This would often be associated with a fever or some drainage of fluid or pus from the area. This could have been caused by a small scratch in your skin, and can progress to involve other body parts or the deeper tissues of your leg if it is not treated appropriately. Other options include some of the normal changes that occurr when you have a trauma to the knee, and the bruise undergoes the normal changes in color. Given that you feel that your pain is increasing however, it would be best to be evaluated by a doctor. Please speak to your doctor quickly so that you can be evaluated fully and your problem can be addressed as needed.

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