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"What is this white spot on my face?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this white spot on my face?


I have a white spot on my cheek. It kind of looks like a pimple but it is all white and it has been there two months. If it was a pimple I think it would have gone away already. What is this thing?


It is hard to tell exactly what this white spot might be without being able to take a good look at it. However, it would be best to show this spot to either your primary care doctor or a dermatologist, as any spots on the skin that persist for a long time without improvement need to be evaluated medically. There are several potential explanations for the spot. Sometimes, if you have very severe acne, certain pimples may persist for a long time. However, if you do not suffer from severe acne, then this seems less likely. Certain infections of the skin can cause the development of white spots; for example fungal infections of the skin might cause white or lightly colored flaking areas. Similarly, psoriasis or eczema, two inflammatory conditions of the skin, might result in red to white spots that flake or scale. Finally, in people who have had lots of sun exposure, especially people who are middle aged or elderly, one always needs to be concerned about the possibility of a skin cancer or a precancerous spot on the skin. Start by getting in to see your dermatologist. They will help diagnose what is going on and decide on a treatment.

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