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"Can someone be allergic to grass?"

ZocdocAnswersCan someone be allergic to grass?


My daughter always gets a strange rash on her arms and legs when she plays outside. Could it be from the grass? Can you be allergic to grass? She is only 2 years old and I don't know why she keeps getting this rash after being outside.


It sounds like your daughter's symptoms are very much associated with the time that she spends outside, so it is very reasonable to consider an outdoor exposure as the cause of the rash. Many people are allergic to grass, so it is possible that your daughter is one of them. In adults grass allergies are more typically associated with so-called seasonal allergy symptoms, ie watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose rather than skin reactions. However, some allergies do manifest themselves as skin rashes, so it is definitely a good idea to take your daughter to her pediatrician for a more thorough history and physical examination. In addition to the grass, it is also possible that your daughter is being exposed to something else outside (even another plant, such as poison ivy) that s causing this rash. Your pediatrician can go over the rest of your daughter's health history (and hopefully examine the rash) to help determine whether she should be seen by a pediatric allergy specialist. Some of the medications used to treat allergies in adults have recently been approved for use in children, so if it turns out that your daughter does have specific allergy triggers, there may be treatment options other than simply avoiding the allergen.

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